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ate2-Istanbul University, Institute of Forensic Sciences, was established in 1982  as of delegated legislation #41 as the first establishment to offer graduate degrees in both forensic sciences and forensic medicine, and was legalized by act 2809 in the year 1983. Same year, Prof. Dr. Şemsi Gök was designated as Director of the institute.

– As of decision dated November 11, 1986, by the Council of Higher Education, Divisions of Medicine, Life Sciences and Social Sciences were formed under the Institute of Forensic Sciences.

– In the 1986-1987 school year, graduate programs have given start with 16 students enrolled.

-Since 1989, along with the first graduates, Institute of Resim.2Forensic Sciences have led to a total of 487 Master’s Degree and 137 of which are PhD graduates up until 2014. Among these graduates, 393 of them were from the division of social sciences, 212 were from the division life sciences and 19 were from the division medical sciences.

-Istanbul University, Institute of Forensic Sciences have been a member of ENFSI (The European Network of Forensic Science Institutes) since 1999.

Institute of Forensic Sciences



  Prof. Dr. Şemsi GÖK

1983 – 1988



  Prof. Dr. Sevil ATASOY

1988 – 2005



 Prof. Dr. İmdat ELMAS

2005 – 2015



 Prof. Dr. Faruk AŞICIOĞLU

2015 – Present

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