faruk_asiciogluFaruk AŞICIOĞLU, Professor

Faruk Aşıcıoğlu was born in Kilis at 1961. He is married with two children. He graduated from Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University at 1985. He worked at different departments of the Ministry of Health of Turkey till 1991. He respectively became a specialist in Forensic Medicine at 1994, associate professor in Forensic Medicine at 2004, and Ph.D. in Medical Biology at 2006.

He worked consecutive 22 years at the Council of Forensic Medicine, the Turkish Ministry of Justice, respectively at the Q&D drepartment (1994-2000), Biology Department (2000-2003; as a director) and as a chairman of the 5th Committee (the supreme expertise organ about forensic toxicology, narcotics, and genetics in Turkey) of the Council between 2003-2014. He became a professor in April 2014 at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Istanbul and has been assigned as a director of the Institute in June 2015.

Besides many national and international published articles, he wrote five books in Turkish at the forensic field. Two of them are editorial and related with handwriting examination titled “Questioned document examination-sign, fingerprint and handwriting analysis” published in 2005, and “Handwriting and signature analysis” published in 2007. These two followed by a book titled “Medicolegal evaluation of alcohol: from the point of safety driving” published in 2009. Another two are co-authored books titled “Blood Pattern Analysis; Crime Scene Reconstruction by virtue of blood stains” published in 2009 and “Forensic Sciences for inquiring” published in 2013. He has active role as a member at many national and international scientific organisations (American Association of Forensic Sciences, Forensic Science Society, Indo-Pasific Association of Law, Medicine and Science, International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, Indo-Pasific Academy of Forensic Nursing Sciences-life long member-, Indo-Pasific Academy of Forensic Odontology- life long member-). He is the founder and still president of The Turkish Association of Questioned Document examination, and The Turkish Association of Forensic Biology, Genetics and Gene Law . He is also a national expert of Early Warning System of TUBIM which is the Turkish Focal Point of EMCDDA (European Monitoring Center Drug for Drugs and Drug Addiction).

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