Division of Medical Sciences

Head of Division: Dursun KIRBAŞ, Professor

e-mail: dursun.kirbas@istanbul.edu.tr

Phone: +90 (212) 414 30 00 – 22807

Division Secretary:  Elvan EMRAL UĞUR

Phone: +90 (212) 414 30 00 – 22801

General Information

Division of Medical Sciences provide education, training and research to convey contemporary theory and application knowledge and train academicians and specialists who currently work or aim to work in the justice mechanisms.

The Division of Life Sciences consists of 3 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors and 2 Research Assistants.

This comprehensive program incorporates a unique curriculum of 12 courses in fall semester and 9 courses in spring semester.

Research Fields

Forensic Medicine, The general concepts and issues in Criminal Justice System, Criminalistics, Forensic Microbiology, Forensic Traumatology, Forensic Neuropsychiatry, Blood Stain Pattern Analysis, Scientific Research Techniques, Forensic Pathology, Medical Practice Errors and Expertise etc. Doctoral Students have to prepare an original dissertation to accomplish their programs.

Please click to preview our latest Master’s and PhD Program curriculum.

Who may apply?

People who meet the requirements of being a Medical Doctor, having completed a Speciality in Medicine, being a Veterinary Surgeon or Dentist may apply to the PhD program.

Career Opportunities in Forensic Science for Graduates

Our graduates may choose to have a career in various establishments (official expertise institutions, particularly Institution of Forensic Medicine, universities, private corporations…) as an expert.

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