Mevlana Exchange Programme Admission Notice

As a result of Project Based Exchange Applications in 2017-2018 Education and Training Year, which
was organized Council of Higher Education by determining the priority areas of science and
technology, our project application with number 94, entitled as " Comparison of Herbal-Based Illegal
Drug Users Admitted to Emergency Services" has been accepted and will be co-operated by Asst.
Prof. Zeynep Türkmen, Istanbul University, Institute of Forensic Science and Prof. Dr. Heesun Chung,
Chungnam National University Graduate School of Analytical Science & Technology.
During the related Project, 2 Incoming / 2 outgoing // 1 Master and 1 Ph.D. students and 1 incoming
/ 1 outgoing teaching staff will be exchanged.
Chungnam Universities is among the leading universities of the Far East and has been involved in
many projects and educational activities in the field of forensic sciences.
The targeted achievements with this bilateral cooperation are as follows;
• Creation of the Forensic Science business association between the two countries
• Gaining the data to be obtained to the international literature
• Creation of sample acceptance criteria and test algorithms at the emergency service
• Developing and validating appropriate methods for the identification of substances on the
prohibited substance list from biological samples in the current situation ( with systems of LC-
• To enable the development of a service in our laboratory for the analysis of using of illegal
substance in the emergency services, primarily in the province and then throughout Turkey
• Increasing the recognition of our lab in the international community and the validity of the
provided service


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