Quality Policy




  • Institute of Forensic Science, Forensic Science Laboratory aims to be the “authority” of the service it provides. The laboratory also undertakes in the direction of Legal and/public authorities demand fundamentals. Institute of Forensic Science, Forensic Science Laboratory fulfills its work bound to sufficiency, impartiality, independent judgement, confidentiality and uprightness essentials.
  • Laboratory Management, declares to provide its services in limits of TS EN ISOIIEC 17025, by carrying it out suited to other standards and that it will not allow compensation of its service comprehension. Compliance to Good Professional Practice* and ENFSI-“European Network of Forensic Science Institutes” Criteria on all stages of our service is essential.
  • The methods used in analysis which are carried out our laboratory, are standard and in-house methods. Laboratory works in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement and development, participating in proficiency testing activities and designates its objectives while
  • The quality of the analysis service we provide is under our solemn undertaking. As an additional precautionary measure, the service we provide is under the guarantee of İstanbul University Rectorate’s responsibility and liability.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main goal. It is our duty to prevent any negativity that will cause customer complaint or unsatisfaction to come into being. All customer information are concealed and well Proprietary (Officially registered – Registered) rights are protected.
  • All financial, technological and human resources necessary for the Institute of Forensic Science, Forensic Science Laboratory is in the responsibility of Senior Management. “The use of proper and high in quality material and equipment for accurate results” is our policy of purchasing. Therefore, purchases are assured from organizations that are complete in every aspect and secured the quality of their products.
  • The laboratory employee incumbent on analysis work, learns and applies the Quality Management System documentation and consumes its policy and aims as a guide All employee training necessary are consistently ascertained and ensured.

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