Questioned Document and Handwriting Examination

Resim 104

Questioned Document and Handwriting Examination Unit; provides forensic reports based on accountable proof that is in accordance with supreme court’s decision, suitable for scientific and objective criteria, bearing visual data derived by forensic handwriting examinations on documents that have been altered, abrased or tempered with for possible findings of forgery and handwriting and signature analysis with the purpose of identification, which have been sent sealed in an envelope properly by courts, prosecution, public organization or establishments.

Questioned Document and Handwriting Examination Unit, equiped with a stereo microscope and a VSC spectral analysis instrument, carries out analysis with three members of faculty. Two research assistants exist within the structure of the unit as well.

Reporting deadline, so long as all documents are complete, is a maximum of 30 days.

Crosschecking the fullfilment of the requirements sent to the Questioned Document and Handwriting Examination Unit will shorten the analysis span, and allow to accomodate the report without the need to issue a writ repeatedly.

1- Indication of the type of the document subject to examination in requisition written by judicial authorities,

2- Clarification of the aspects in question,

3- Who and/or whom the handwriting and signature examinations are requested by,

4- Sufficient number of comparison samples fit for comparing (for example, if the handwriting subject to examination is written in lower case, so must the comparison sample, and vice versa, if and when handwritten, samples must be handwritten as well, compatible with upper and lower cases used),

5- Related comparison samples (It will be most fitting if comparison signature and writings taken for diversified purposes are sent especially beforehand to the date of issue of document subject to examination. To this end, voter lists, recruiting office, marriage office, banks, land office, neighbourhood units, official exam papers, letters, diaries etc. documents must be provided.),

6- Document subject to examination must be verified prior to being sent,

7- Sending the case file will be of use, case petition and recorded statements of accusations and pleadings of parties will be needed unless case file can not be entirely sent.

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